Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lillian and Sarah

As we were planning our Road Trip, Lilly would tell people she was "going to see Sarah in Cedar Rapids. Sarah is 12." Lilly used the same tone I might use if I said, "My friend Sheldon won the Nobel Peace prize..."

I never really thought about it before -- but there is something to be said for younger children playing with older children...
This is the upstairs lounge at Sky Zone.  Anne and I hung out here while the girls were trampolining
Anne, an engineer, had an actual list of possible activities for our day.
As it turns out, Sky Zone was so physical, the girls were gassed...and picked ICE CREAM CONE as our next activity...
Although not on the official list, when I realized Sarah played the violin, I wanted to hear her play...
We went back to their house for an impromptu concert.
Then, Sarah helped Lilly to hold her violin.
Really -- have you ever seen a bigger smile??
All too soon -- we were back on Interstate 80.  Headed home...

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