Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pink and Orange Suede Shoes

Ann Person did come to see me do "How to Dress With Style When You Feel Like Cher But Look Like Roseanne" -- and I was a wreck.  For one thing, every single thing I was showing in my presentation started off being a Stretch & Sew pattern. Also -- did I mention I had no clue how actual pattern makers did things??  I just knew NOBODY WAS GETTING IT RIGHT.

At the time, NO PATTERN fit me.  There simply was not a size 22 pattern available, so I had learned to modify and make adjustments to Stretch & Sew size 16 patterns.

Nancy had introduced me to Ann before that seminar.  During my presentation (many of you could have been in the room that day) -- I  acknowledged Ann -- she stood up and got a nice round of applause.  Then, I thanked her for playing my game...because that year, I was featuring outfits that started with pink and orange (to make a point, of course -- that fat girls shouldn't be limited to BLACK).  And Ann Person was dressed in a spiffy outfit, also featuring pink and orange -- and she had a fabulous pair of Evan Picone PINK AND ORANGE suede shoes.  That was amazing to me...

The following week -- I was back in my store in Clinton, Iowa.  The UPS guy came with the daily deliveries -- and one of the boxes was from Ann Person.  She sent me those shoes.  Evan Picone, Size 10 -- PINK AND ORANGE suede.

I spent an hour last night, looking for those shoes.  I never, ever would have got rid of them.  I have checked out most of the seminar/sample/tubs in the basement.  I must be getting close.  I am determined TO GET A PICTURE OF THOSE SHOES...

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  1. I have Great memories of Ann Person. In the mid/late 60s the start of Stretch & Sew, I went and stayed with Ann & Family in their home, while taking the Stretch & Sew Course to teach it. I had the same issues with patterns you had & NOW I could make things for me that FIT!!! I taught Stretch & Sew for several years.....a Truly Great PERSON!!!