Monday, August 10, 2015


PROJECT RUNWAY IS BACK..!!!  I am sooo excited. Awesome. GREAT to start a new season in AUGUST. Way to go, Lifetime~!!

First of all -- it is always interesting to see who the sponsors will be. Although Brother sewing has been hanging in there since the beginning -- this show has had more sponsors than the Republicans have presidential candidates.

This year, the hair is being done by the SALLY beauty studio, (I'm guessing a new emphasis on nail polish) and the Accessory wall is by JUST FAB.  I think it is disappointing that they can't hang onto sponsors.  But when the appliance companies and the yogurt makers start demanding product placement, the challenges do become overly challenging...

But -- the first challenge was straight-forward. Heidi and Tim were on the floor of Madison Square Garden -- and Mood Fabric had spread out many, many pieces of fabric all over the bleachers. The designers were supposed to choose four pieces -- and then, make anything they wanted to make.

But, if it's going to be a race up the bleachers to get the best fabric -- I am worried for my girl Ashley.

Ashley describes herself as "fun, funky and fat".  You've gotta love a girl who understands the benefit of alliteration!!

Here is my review of what was sent down the runway on Week One.  The judges said these TEN designers were neither high or low -- just good enough to advance.  I don't quite have their names down yet, but I watched the show twice so I could record my first impression:

Amanda from Florida made a halter dress that had a print top, with a handkerchief hem blue bottom.  I must say this dress looked better on the website.  I thought she knew what she was doing. 

Laurie from Chicago. Her tight fitting red dress had a beautiful one shoulder top and it could have been amazing. But she let it go down the runway with an extremely high split on the right side. Yikes. As the model walked down the runway, I kept thinking I hope her underwear matches the dress...because IT WILL MATTER...

Swapnil, from India -- made a dress with a strappy woven top out of a print, and a plain blue bottom. It seems like this is his only trick -- as he showed two versions of the same thing in his audition. If he stays on the show, it will be like watching Rachael Ray cooking carbonara week after week after week...

Lindsey, a little blond girl, made a saucy short dress (or was it shorts?) out of a dull tiny was completely forgettable, I had to watch the show twice before I could remember anything about what she made.

David made an oversize maxi dress WHICH I LOVED. It was a bright blue fabric on the left side, with a graphic brown and teal on the right side. GREAT eye for mixing prints, and I also appreciated that he had pockets, and slits on the side. AWESOME....

Joseph, the chubby guy who is COMPLETELY FULL OF HIMSELF managed to make a lavender pencil skirt, which he paired with a printed crop top...boring in every way.  I thought he talked a big game, but delivered mediocre.  He won't last long.

Kelly -- rocked it with her short dress. After her Tim critique of her black and green plaid fabric, she started completely over with a new fabric and I loved what she did. The top was different, with a crossover halter treatment.  The skirt was babydoll layers, with a solid color lining. It was the best recovery of the show.

Jake -- He had a gorgeous orange/yellow striped silk fabric. The fabric would have created dramatic pleats, but he chickened out, and the dress ended up being predictable....and the strapless-ness bothered me. (and, for what it's worth -- his dress made the MODEL look fat).

Gabrielle from New York, made a mid-calf gray dress, more suitable for TLC's Amish show. Even she hated it (which I thought was a good sign, actually).  Except Amish women wouldn't wear this dull dress because of the open, gaping back.  The only thing that saved her was the fact that three other designers were determined to make outfits that were EVEN WORSE THAN THIS...(tune in tomorrow)

Candice Cuoco -- the girl with the severe black haircut, and 9 year old daughter. (During her meet-the-designer interview, it looks like she lives in a mansion.  My guess is that she's married to a NFL star.)  She made a white pin striped sheath dress. She seemed to think adding a black peplum was a daring choice. Really? Have you EVER wanted to wear a peplum dress?

Tomorrow, I'll review the other Six Designers -- (with the highest AND the LOWEST scores)...

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  1. It's ba-ack! Connie and I are loving Ashley too!