Monday, August 3, 2015

Jesus Christ, Superstar

Jesus Christ, Superstar was being performed by the Countryside Community group, at the North Scott High School auditorium. I invited my friend Lorna to join me and Lilly.

It will be a nice Sunday afternoon activity...great idea, right?
Lilly and I are always up for a play, and we were delighted Lorna could join us...
However -- the weather did not cooperate...oh, well...
I ACTUALLY HAD an umbrella in the car!!
We arrived -- and the auditorium was packed! A good sign, eh?
Hey -- not every activity is a winner.

Sometimes, if I slog through it anyway, there is a payoff at the end...or a lesson....or an idea. If it makes me think, or see things in a different way -- I tell myself it was worthwhile.

But -- well, I dunno...on this day -- it was a downhill ride. Lorna was uncomfortable with the Mary Magdelaine loving Jesus part of the play...and Lilly started asking questions about the little plastic bags of drugs...
Lillian took this picture as I leaned over to Lorna and said, "sometimes, if we're not enjoying the play, Lilly and I leave during the intermission..."
Lorna said, "Do I get a vote?"

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  1. Jesus Christ Superstar is a musical you either love or hate. Definitely no in between. I actually love it. It's one of my favorites. However, I've seen the original 1970s film version and a few national touring productions. It really isn't a musical for a child. Sorry your experience wasn't the best.