Monday, August 17, 2015

Project Runway Hallmark Challenge

I think I missed a day of blogging...because I was busy doing THIS last week:
I have never actually had a PUPPY in the is exactly like having a newborn....and Frankie gets me up every morning at 6:30. I am sleep deprived...
Although, I was able to DVR Project Runway -- and this blog post contains if you haven't seen last week's episode -- stop reading now.

This was the unconventional challenge. And the sponsor was Hallmark. (which I think Laura Mendoza arranged personally. YOU GO GIRL).

In my opinion, this was a better fit an appliance or a yogurt...ugh... But only marginally...

I basically object to the whole idea of the unconventional challenge. First of all -- the show blatantly uses it to reel in a big money sponsor -- be it a car company, or a refrigerator manufacturer. But, secondly -- what do we really learn about the designers when they have to make clothes out of something never intended for that use? (seat belts, paper, artificial flowers?)

Every year -- this challenge annoys me.

It's like saying -- bake a cake, but you can't use flour or sugar. How would that help you find out who the best baker is?

Nice product placement...plenty of talk about the Hallmark Gold Crown Collection...
AND THE WINNER IS EDMOND. I was blown away by his paper wedding dress, and there was absolutely NO DOUBT about who should win this week. He rocked it...and I was surprised and impressed.
David deserved to go home for his oversized hoodie MADE OUT OF FABRIC...duh. As much as I dislike this challenge, if everybody else has to make a dress out of Hallmark cards -- JUST DO IT, BUDDY...or it's Auf Wiedersehen.

But, without a doubt, the biggest disappointment was my girl Ashley. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? The week you have immunity, for Crying Out Loud.  I don't care what the challenge is -- you have the freedom to SHOW THEM SOMETHING. You can do ANYTHING YOU WANT....MAKE IT FUN, HAVE A GOOD TIME....and you sent this piece of shit down the runway??

Ashley -- this is all you've got??
The judges got it right this week.

Hanmaio will go next week because she has absolutely no game. It's too bad her skills are not commensurate with her ego.

Ashley went way down on my designer scale -- and Edmond went way up.

Hummm.....maybe this challenge did show us something...

Hey -- I've been wrong before!!


  1. Beautiful picture of Frnkie and Lilly..See now you know why I have always been a puppy person...

  2. First thing I texted Connie during PR was that wasn't a real Hallmark store :-) I was so disappointed in Ashley too. Hopefully, that will be her only creativity block.