Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August and Gardens

August is the final month of the summer, so there's a push to do all the activities you THOUGHT you were going to do during June and July when the kids got out of school.

But it's hard to do anything, or go anywhere -- because your garden is holding you prisoner.

How can you leave when the tomatoes are FINALLY coming in? After all those months of patiently tending, and weeding, and watering -- YOU GET TO EAT BACON, LETTUCE AND TOMATO SANDWICHES...
Really.  Isn't this the reason you planted a garden in the first place?
Sometimes, I do a gourmet twist -- with a nice kaiser roll, (grilled in bacon grease...don't pretend your mouth isn't watering...)
And, OF COURSE -- the first BLT's must be paired with sweet corn.  AHHHHHH -- Heaven!!

Thankfully, the deer ate their fill of green beans and lettuce, so they decided to let us have the cabbage and the peppers. In August, John's baskets are full.

My sister Ronda and Dean take their garden so seriously -- they sell produce at the local Farmer's Market!
Lilly, not really interested in tomatoes -- but loving the idea of a marshmallow gun...
Because of the shoulder high weeds -- finding the garlic and potatoes is always the biggest scavenger hunt of the year.

And you would think we'd have a good understanding of all this....yet we always seem to be planning a trip in August.

When it comes to gardening -- just like most things, timing is everything...

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