Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Project Runway, Week #1: Highs and Lows

If you haven't watched the show yet -- this post CONTAINS SPOILERS...

I basically agreed with the judges this week. Although, the guest judge didn't add much...(I can't even tell you who she was, and I care so little I'm not going to bother to find out)...

Here were the three lowest scores -- and they were thee layers of bad, that's for sure:

Blake -- He had a bright, colorful stained-glass paned looking fabric. It could have been a stunning choice. But he insisted on draping it in a very simplistic way, with huge folds of fabric wrapped around the models neck, creating a bulge on the left side. Then, he twisted a train to the back...and as if the high-low hem isn't bad enough -- he added a bright gold lining. This was bad. On many levels.

Hanmiao -- This young (Japanese?) woman is very set on her aesthetic, which is clearly all about the boxes. She chose a gold plaid fabric, and then paired it with some wrinkly, cheap looking solid gold fabric. She made two pieces -- a dress and a boxy long, sleeveless jacket. Except that the body of the thing was twice as wide as the model, so the arm opening ended up at the elbow. Wha?? I did not get anything about this ensemble. It had no fit, no shape, no color sense, no fun. Wow. it was awful. I would have sent her home...mostly because she stubbornly loved what she did. There is no hope for her -- trust me. But she was only saved by THIS GUY...

Duncan -- All the other designers seemed to think Duncan was going to do really well with his draped pink silk dress. But I thought it was a complete miss from beginning to end. It looked like one of those 1980's Austrian Balloon Curtains. The judges hated it, too. Duncan got the first
Auf Wiedersehen from Heidi, and he will not be missed. The most worrisome thing is that the other designers seemed to genuinely like this garment. Is that a very bad sign??
Madison Square Garden is full of fabrics -- and you go for the shinny salmon??  Bye bye Duncan...

THEN -- the three TOP SCORES:

Merline -- this woman COULD NOT STOP TALKING. In the workroom, I thought the other contestants were going to punch her out, or lock her inside a huge Samsung frig. She kept singing a little ditty, "Gotta make it work, gotta make it work.." And I had NO IDEA what she was going to make. She kept talking about her love of architecture...but there was no clue, until the very end, that she was even cutting pattern pieces. Which is why it was a complete shock when she sent her outfit down the runway. It was orange, structured....shockingly good. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM??

Ashley -- This is my girl. After she described herself as "fun, funky and fat" -- I was on her team. She is young, and not a bit confident...but I was already cheering for her. She ended up choosing fabrics that the other designers passed by on the bleachers. Then, back in the workroom, she did some creative trading to get what she needed. She used a graphic floral print fabric, with bold yellow flowers on a black and white background. She put box pleats in the long skirt forming a paperbag waistband. The white swiss eyelet fabric made a beautiful top with an interesting open back which was perfect.  SHE DID A GREAT JOB. I WAS SO PROUD OF MY BIG GIRL...GO ASHLEY...I AM CROSSING MY FINGERS -- SQUARELY ON TEAM ASHLEY...

The winning designer was ASHLEY...and she gets immunity for next week.

Edmond.  My other favorite designer.  He has tried out for the show EVERY YEAR.  Are you kidding me??  And, during Tim's critique, when Edmond was working on a boring black sheath dress, with wrinkly lime green inserts in the bodice...Tim delivered the best line of the episode, "this is the antithesis of joy".  Hey -- we've all been there, Tim Gunn!!

Blake listened to Tim, and started over.  He made a simple black sheath -- but with a snazzy train, lined with the lime green.  I was glad he didn't completely back off the neon color...and I thought his final dress was joyful.  I hope he gets a chance to show us what he can do.

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