Friday, August 7, 2015

John, Warren and Chickens and Eggs

40 years ago, we bought our first home in the country mostly because there was a nice chicken coop on the property. John has always enjoyed keeping chickens.

He likes everything about chickens. He likes feeding them, and collecting the eggs, then washing the eggs, sorting them, selling them, eating is a very enjoyable hobby for him.
The egg on the left is an extra-large supermarket egg. The egg on the right is from one of John's chickens.
But, as much as he loved keeping chickens -- it got to be a lot of work. Last year, when the last chicken died (from old age) -- he decided to get out of the chicken/egg business.

Then, the bird flu happened. The price of eggs went soaring -- and John was reminded how much healthier it is to be eating YOUR OWN EGGS, from YOUR OWN CHICKENS...knowing exactly what they're being fed.

And then -- in the spring -- Warren started asking Grandpa about the chickens??
THAT was all it took!!
John bought some brown chickens, to become his new layers. And some white chickens, to become fryers.
John tried to get Warren to pet one of the chicks...
But he was having none of that...
Every time he comes, he runs down to the chicken coop to see the chickens...
So ...what do you think?  Is Warren supplying John with motivation or inspiration?

Hummm... maybe they're the same thing.  And, either way, the result is the same, right??

The point is,  it's good to NEVER GIVE UP DOING THINGS YOU LOVE...

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