Wednesday, September 24, 2014

When You Wish....

The other day, after Sunday School, I took Lilly to the little Princeton, Iowa river park where she likes to pick up shells.

I was sitting on my swing/bench, reading the Sunday paper. Lilly quickly became bored with the shell game.  She got up on the bench next to me. Her voice low and quiet, she said, "that star light thing doesn't work, Grandma."

Confused, I said, "what do you mean, hon?"

Lilly: You know -- Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I see doesn't work. It never works...

Hummm...I'm wondering if this is a Santa Claus moment? Is it that time already? Does Lilly have to let go of a childhood fantasy??

SHE'S ONLY FIVE.  Holy Cow.  Why do we promote these myths anyway?  I am really, really gonna hate this...

Looking at her sitting next to me, she seemed so sad.   I said, "What did you wish for, Lilly?"

Very seriously, with a huge tone of disappointment, she said, "I wished to be a fashion designer..."

Of course, I started to laugh.  She did NOT appreciate my reaction.  I tried to explain that her wish could very well come just didn't happen YET.  She is not old enough.  SHE IS ONLY FIVE.   Being a fashion designer is a JOB -- and no five year old can have a job.  She needs to be a kid first...grow up, go to school...I thought what I was saying made a lot of sense.

She listened, but then she said, "it doesn't work, Grandma.  It never works.  One time, I wished I could read...and then I wished for a has never worked..."

I sat there, listening to her.  And I was SO ANNOYED with that damn star.  C'mon -- you couldn't muster one lousy cupcake???

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