Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TBC Sew 'N Tell

At my luncheon for the sofa unveiling -- Sandy brought this project for Sew 'N Tell. Remember her gigantic jelly roll quilt??
She started sewing the strips together, right off the jelly roll -- and this is how it came together..really LONG...
The big conversation on that day was what fabric she should choose for the border...You can imagine -- WE ALL HAD AN OPINION...!!
Well -- THIS is the finished border...you can barely make out the words in the pink fabric...you know how much I LOVE WORDS....
Once she decided on the wider border -- there was enough of the jelly roll to actually make TWO twin bed size quilts!!
Really -- STUNNING...and Sandy is such a persnickety quilter.
TWO twin quilts is a great idea -- especially when you consider the popularity of bunk beds!!

yep -- she's a lucky little girl.


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