Monday, September 15, 2014

How To Buy GOOD Cotton Sheets

Thanks to Ritaluck -- I have many sets of wonderful sheets. I find them at thrift stores, estate sales, auctions, etc. I am always on the lookout, and it's about the look and the feel -- the hand of the fabric, the finishing details...I know it when I see it -- and it is THRILLING to find a 100 year old embroidered linen sheet, 7 ft. x 10 ft at an estate sale for $1...really...I am over the moon when that happens (okay, it was just that ONE TIME so far)....

Yes, it's Monday -- and I'm hanging my sheets out on the line....
I know what I'm looking for -- and my love vintage linen is why I wrote my book...!

Sorry it's out of print....

Unfortunately, for the normal person trying to shop retail -- buying new sheets is an obstacle course in misleading advertising, exaggerated thread counts, and bogus claims of quality.  There simply isn't enough information on today's packaging for you to figure out what you're actually buying...

So, the big question is -- HOW CAN YOU buy top quality, beautiful cotton sheets for your bed?

First of all -- when it comes to bed linens, YOU REALLY DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Nobody ever bought a decent set of sheets from a discount department store. So save yourself the trip -- it's not their game. They are about cheap and cheerful for the masses. Most people don't know the difference, and are unwilling to pay the extra money.

But, in my opinion, sleeping on long-staple 100% cotton sheets, with a percale weave, is an affordable luxury.  And you spend 50% of your life IN YOUR aren't you worth it?  

Here is my absolute best advice. I am going to tell you where I would go to buy sheets (if I didn't already own 20 sets)....

Vermont Country Store: I lucked into two queen size sets of sheets from the Vermont Country Store -- and I LOVE THEM. They're called clothesline crisp sheet sets...and they are wonderful. They sell for $119 a set (flat, fitted and two pillowcases). They are not fancy -- simple hems, deep pockets and an incredible, firm hand because they are made of long-staple cotton. They get better every time you wash them.

Land's End: Last spring on a day trip with my friend Deanna, we were thrift store shopping in Wisconsin at a place that carried "seconds" from Land's End. (yes, I know, I have the perfect life). I stumbled on to THIS SET of sheets ($20) -- and they have become my absolute favorite. Incredible hand, soft, they wash beautifully...I just can't tell you how gorgeous these sheets are....Here's what Lands End says about them:

We’ve upgraded our Hotel collection by using 100% Supima yarns and increasing the thread count. Supima is a rare American cotton with longer staples that can be spun into finer, smoother, stronger yarns. Just 3% of the U.S. crop qualifies. The new fabrication combined with a softer and more durable 400 thread-count makes these sheets even more luxurious than before. The percale fabric gives your bed a cooler feel and crisper look than our silkier sateen. And the classic diamond embroidery in fresh spring colors is designed to create a sanctuary you can effortlessly add to over time. Fitted bed sheets have all-around elastic to fit mattresses up to 16” deep. 100% Supima cotton. 

These Lands End sheets are  400 thread count PERCALE Supima cotton sheet -- and the Queen set sells for $189. Right now, there is a 20% off coupon on the Lands End website. THESE ARE FABULOUS SHEETS...

So -- those are sheets I personally own, have laundered and slept -- I'm going to move you up to the NEXT level....

THERE IS SOMETHING NEW GOING ON....and it could be a game changer. It's a little company called Boll and Branch.

Mary Mulari sent me an article from the Wall Street Journal about what goes into the manufacture of Luxury Sheets. It was fascinating -- and completely supported what I've been saying for years. Most "thread count" claims are complete fiction. And the prices of luxury sheets is doubled, tripled and more because of the expensive designer "branding" that is all about marketing -- and not one bit about the quality of the finished sheet.

You can go to their website and read the Boll and Branch story....AND you can buy luxury queen size sheet sets for $250.00.

I have not purchased sheets from Boll and Branch (because I don't need to -- but MAYBE YOU DO). However, I am excited about their story and the way they are doing business so I thought you should know. If you go to their website, you can register and get $30 off your first order.

Their sheets are made of organic, long staple cotton -- and their 300 thread count sheets will be delivered to your door in a reusable gift box...and their quality sounds amazing.

Good, long-staple cotton sheets will get better every time you wash them...and they will last for years. I am anxious to hear your honest reviews

I use cotton sheets on my bed all year around -- even though, with the seasons, I completely change the way I make my bed...Next week, I'm going to write about my FALL bed. The cold weather came early this year!!

Good luck with your sheet shopping!  This is one gift you need to GIVE TO YOURSELF...!!

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