Tuesday, September 30, 2014

McCausland Labor Day

I was one of six kids growing up on a farm just outside of McCausland, Iowa. In the 60's, Labor Day was THE EVENT of the year in our little town. Hundreds of horses came to town from all over the state for the big trail ride, there was a wonderful parade, and the whole day was busy with activity from morning until night..

My boys grew up ten miles down the road -- so McCausland Labor Day has always been part of their lives. The event has morphed.  They don't do the trail ride anymore...and for a couple of years, it deteriorated into a drunken street dance....

But I am happy to report that it has come back to be a family friendly all day event -- with a world class car show -- and a GREAT PARADE.  This year, I attended with my friend Bert -- who also grew up in the area...
This guy has been coming to McCausland for a very long time, eh??
The streets are full of people -- and it was a gorgeous day!!
Every Fire Truck in a 30 mile radius was in the parade...
Lots of kids groups did floats!!
And we are pretty proud of our vintage tractors
In my lifetime, this building has never been a bank....it was a bar for many years, then a gift shop, right now, it's empty -- but on THIS DAY -- it's where they lined up the trophies for the car show!!
It's such a struggle for a small town business. But, FOR THIS ONE DAY A YEAR...McCausland kicks ass...
There were so many incredible cars -- hundreds of them!!
Although the car show is the biggest part of the Labor Day Celebration nowadays -- there is something for everybody.

There is a lunch at the McCausland Methodist church...and a large charity auction of different gift baskets, all donated by area businesses or families.  A pancake breakfast at the Fire Station, a craft show in the middle of the street...

Bert and I had a wonderful time.  We saw people we haven't seen in many years -- and it was surprising how many old neighbors we bumped into, just walking the car show.  It was fun to catch up with people!!

Whatever celebration you town does -- PARTICIPATE!!

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