Friday, September 26, 2014

Inspired To Sew Magazine

Every month, I get to conduct two interviews for the wonderful digital magazine, Inspired To Sew. In the last year, I have met SO MANY INTERESTING people in the sewing world...and it makes me so grateful for this life-long hobby of mine...the people I get to meet and interview have such interesting stories.  They ALL INSPIRE ME... and -- hey -- that's the pont, right??

Everybody's favorite sewing star...
Gail Yellen is such a wonderful friend...we seem to love all the same books...
Bonne and Jan are ALWAYS inspiring other people to sew!!
Linda Boothman's monkeys will be featured in an upcoming issue!!
Spending the day with Mark Lipinski was SO WONDERFUL
Learning about the Quilts of Valor was such an honor for me...these volunteers are amazing...
AND, I just finished an interview with one of my favorite the whole wide world....MARY MULARI has inspired so many people in so many ways...myself included!!
Inspired To Sew is distributed via sewing machine dealerships, quilt shops, etc.  If you haven't been receiving it in your monthly email -- just ask your local shop to SIGN UP -- then you will receive each issue as soon as it comes out.

BUT -- in the meantime  -- you can go to the Schmetz Needles website.  After three months, each issue is archived.  

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  1. I have enjoyed ALL of the Inspired to Sew articles....especially Mark and Jan & Bonne......Looking forward to the Sock Monkeys.....;) AND I just enjoyed an 'End of Season' Tomato, Crunchy Peanut Butter & Cracked Pepper Mayo YUMMY!!!
    Linda in Othello