Thursday, May 22, 2014

Princeton Talent Show

I was sooo excited when I heard my nephew Cale would be playing the guitar at the local talent show. You already know Princeton, Iowa is a mighty little town -- with many, many talented people.

Cale is one of those people who has been blessed with a musical talent. I have always envied those people..

At the Talent Show this year -- Cale would be playing a guitar solo -- and his younger brother, Cash, would be involved in a skit as well...
Amy with her youngest son, Cash...waiting for his turn
The two emcees did a pretty good job...
Sadly, this is the BEST picture I have of Cale -- checking his I-phone...??

Cale did AN AMAZING JOB that night. I was completely blown away by his guitar solo...he did the dueling banjos number -- and he played both parts -- in different keys...I CANNOT BELIEVE AMY DIDN'T GET A VIDEO.....!!!
Lillian walked up to the Princess-Anna-Lookalike from Frozen -- and said, "I like your dress" (more about that later)
It is remarkable that a little town like Princeton, Iowa (600 people?) even ATTEMPTS things like a Talent Show, or the Princeton Players. The venue is the upstairs of our old General Store (which closed 15 years ago). The building was donated to the city -- and they turned the first floor into a Civic Center. The upstairs was closed for decades -- but according to local legend, in the 20's and 30's, it was a popular spot for movies or roller skating...

There is a stage at one end, some pews on the side -- with folding chairs in the middle.

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