Friday, May 16, 2014

Libby Lehman Quilt Exhibit

This week is the International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was working on a story for the next issue of Inspired To Sew magazine with Rhonda Pierce of Schmetz who is in Pittsburgh for the show. She is in charge of taking some great pictures... 

That prompted me to check out the Quilt Alliance website -- and THEN I started to watch some of their video interviews on YouTube.  Last Fall, they hung a Libby Lehman quilt retrospective at the International Quilt Festival...and this video is Libby's good friend, Alex Anderson, walking the gallery with Libby's sisters Ellen and Cathy.  If you have been following Libby's progress on the Care Pages, you know Libby's sisters write the almost daily updates...and Libby has suffered a set-back.

She was home, making good progress, when things started to go south again...and she ended up back in the hospital.  Now she is fighting her way back, AGAIN -- but is not able to be at home yet.  Her sisters do a wonderful job of writing Libby's story on the Care Pages...and I loved seeing them in this video interview from Houston, talking about Libby's quilts.  Before Libby's aneurysm, her family really didn't understand how famous she was.  I am not surprised.

Thanks, Quilts, Inc. for hanging this special gallery of Libby's quilts...great job, Alex...and keep up the good work -- GO TEAM LIBBY....

YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION to all of us...

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  1. I saw Ricky and Alex were making another quilt for Libby. I hadn't heard she wasn't doing well. Thanks for sharing.