Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pennsylvania Wedding!!

John's sister Maureen raised three children on her own. This weekend, her baby, Marissa, now a full grown consultant for IBM, is getting married. I always say EVERYBODY has a story.

And Lord knows Maureen has lived a complicated, difficult, interesting joy-filled life. She is feisty, opinionated and direct. You would be lucky to call her your friend....and you should be afraid if you call her an enemy.

At the end of the day -- if she offends you -- that's too damn bad.  Maureen has never given a single thought to what other people think or say about her.  And I admire that in any person...
Maureen always makes her mother's halupkes for John...
Marissa with her husband-to-be, Zack
I made maxi-t-shirt dresses for Maureen, Marci (not here) and Marissa...
John, Maureen and her husband Roger.
I am SOO EXCITED about attending a Pennsylvania wedding. Just thinking about it takes me back to our own wedding -- way back in 1970. Wow. Where did the time go?? How is that even possible??

Remember -- I came from the land of midwest weddings -- white cakes in church basements. No booze, no real food -- mints and nuts was the most you could hope for.

But -- at our Pennsylvania wedding -- there was a sit down dinner (with 3 meats) -- an open bar (it was a Catholic church hall) -- a band and lots of dancing. (we paid $3.75 per person for the meal).  When everybody danced with the bride, they got a shot of whiskey, a piece of wrapped cake, and put a $20 bill in the white apron my maid of honor was holding by two corners...

OH YEAH...this is gonna be a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!

Congratulations, Marissa and Zack!!

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