Tuesday, May 6, 2014


WOW...it was such a busy spring!! One of the highlights, of course, was having Mary Mulari come to Iowa for her annual visit.
She arrived late at night -- so we went to the Ross' 24 hour restaurant in Bettendorf for a snack.
This local dive is world famous because several Presidents have dined here.  (Remember -- I live in IOWA).
There is a small picture of Barack Obama on the inside -- but this LARGE photo of his Secret Service agent is hanging in the foyer!!
Mary got lucky -- there were TWO auctions that Saturday!
You will, undoubtedly, be shocked to learn that we did NOT buy these paper mache people...but we THOUGHT ABOUT IT...
When Mary comes to Iowa -- we are busy from morning until night. We have places to go, people to see...it was a rock and roll weekend...and the auctions were JUST THE BEGINNING...

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