Thursday, May 29, 2014

Local Fiber Art Group

In February, I wrote about the Textile Art Group that meets monthly at the Fairmount Library.

To be completely honest -- because I've been working in the sewing industry for so long -- doing promotion and marketing for some of the biggest shows in the country -- I can be quite a know-it-all. I have been fortunate enough to take classes from the most famous teachers in the industry -- many of them are VERY GOOD FRIENDS of mine....

So it's hard for me to not feel like I've seen it, done it, sewed it...(ripped it apart, recycled it into a Maxi dress, sewed it again, wore it until I got sick of it, then took it to the Goodwill Store...)


This group of Fiber Artists is a complete revelation to me. It's not an official guild or a club - there are no dues, no officers, no rules about what you should be making. AND NO JUDGEMENT. Art is whatever you decide it is. Each and every woman comes to the meeting because she wants to show the group what she's been working on...
flowers out of aluminum cans
baskets woven on deer antlers
fabric dying
a close up of the photos on the quilt
quilting combined with embroidery and painting
fabric painting...

Recently, they had their annual SPRING EVENT -- and I feel totally inspired and rejuvenated. I am SO EXCITED about doing something creative and diving into a new artistic project....

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