Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wawa Vs. Sheets.

I'm pretty sure this is happening in every State in the country -- CONVENIENCE STORE WARS..!!

The day I got back from my Maryland/Pennsylvania/Wawa/vacation -- Eileen sent me an email with THIS LINK...Apparently, there is a guy who is making a documentary all about the two big competing convenience store chains in Pennsylvania: Wawa-vs.-Sheetz.

So, this is the coffee selection at Wawa
And this is the selection at Sheetz...
Both stores have a kiosk-ordering system. (which works GREAT).
They both make delicious, fresh, hot food!!
And I think the coffee in both places is really delicious.
I voted for Wawa, because Eileen loves them. And because I read their book. I think they are a good neighbor, and an excellent corporate citizen.

Right now in Iowa, we are in the middle of a GIANT convenience store war.  Two chains are competing for our business.

Casey's, which has been my hometown favorite for 20 years, has cheap gas, delicious pizza and excellent coffee. 

But -- I'm afraid they are being hammered by the newcomer:  Kwik-Star, a chain out of Wisconsin. Kwik-Star has built six new stores in the Quad City Area in the last coupla years -- and they are KICKING ASS.  They are popping up on the best corners in town.

Kwik-Star also has cheap gas, excellent coffee and a vast array of fresh baked goods.  But they have seduced me with their large, spotless bathrooms and REALLY CHEAP grocery-staples.  For example -- 99-cent eggs, 39-cent a pound potatoes, onions and bananas.

I'm not smart enough to know what this all means.  But it seems to me a convenience store war is ALWAYS GOOD FOR THE CONSUMER. Take advantage -- get out there -- start living on gas-station-food. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING...

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  1. Never heard of any of them. But they sound better than our 7-11 convenience stores. Their slogan is "oh, thank heaven for seven-eleven." They are known for their Big Gulp (64 oz of soda for cheap) and Slurpies. My favorite convenience store chain has to be the ABC stores in Hawaii. They are almost on every block on Waikiki Beach and have everything from food to clothing. Awesome stores!