Tuesday, May 8, 2018

April 28: Day ONE, DVM in NYC

We were actually 20 minutes early getting into New York City!! A GOOD OMEN, EH??
Our cab driver, Hakim was from Algeria. The tunnel was only half-open, so we sat in gridlocked traffic on our way to the tunnel.
My two New York City Newbies...Val and Maddie...on their first cab ride into the city.
We could see the skyline as we got close.
We went RIGHT DOWNSTAIRS, to the new Friedman's Diner, to eat a late lunch.
Their remodel is beautiful -- so is the wait staff!!
Grandma Deena and Maddie!!
We split two Reuben's ($20 each). The chips are homemade -- and the sandwiches were excellent.
Potato Pancakes.
Next stop -- TIMES SQUARE..!!

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