Saturday, May 12, 2018

DVM: NYC: Our First Subway/Ferry Ride

Here's the thing about me and the New York Subway system....I first learned it from my blind friends, Judy and Steve who lived in New York City, and took the subway and buses everywhere. But they avoided the big stations like 42nd Street and Grand Central...because it's easy to get turned around in a station that is 3 square blocks, with many levels...
But if I can get there on the Red Line -- the #1 train -- I'M GOOD!!
So, we went to the 50th Street Station, then downstairs to buy our MTA passes from the machines (the last sighting of an MTA worker in a booth happened in 2004).
Maddie figured out the machine -- and LOVED getting actual $1 coins for change!!
We each used a $20 bill to buy a $10 card (so that we'd all get coins -- don't ask me why)...
Then, we swiped our cards...and ENTERED ONTO THE PLATFORM!!
Seats were available.
I tried to point out the different ceramic tile work on the walls of every station...(as we were whizzing through)
We rode it all the way to the end of the line.
This mosaic work is exquisite.
When you come up out of the station -- you see the fabulous Staten Island Ferry Terminal.
It's an impressive sight.  With escalators, a food court, clean public bathrooms...
And, as the ferry departs -- this iconic view of the city...
With the Statue of Liberty on the right side of the boat.
This is a mirror picture...of me, taking a picture of the mirror/make-up counter in the center of the boat.  These chairs are filled with women putting on their "face" during the 20 minute ride into the city.  Oh, yeah -- you're in a different world, Maddie!!
The ferries runs all day long, back and forth, passing each other...and this ride is totally FREE.
Well done,New York City!!

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