Monday, May 14, 2018

Day Two: DVM: NYC...Sunday, Part 2

Sunday was our first FULL DAY in New York City -- and we had a jam-packed schedule.
Deena had a gift for Maddie each morning...on this day -- it was a beautiful bracelet.
And it became our mission to do everything represented on that bracelet...
This is my favorite picture of Maddie -- as we were coming back on the ferry...
After the ferry, our next stop today was the 911 Memorial.
The new World Trade Center building is stunning...
Leaving the Ferry terminal, we took a cab up to the 911 Memorial. (the cab ride was only $6 -- and with four people,  it would have cost $11.00 to use the subway).

They have done a beautiful job with the memorial.... with the sunken pools of water in the footprints of where the twin towers used to be. When you see the engraved names of the 2,983 people who were lost that day, the sadness washes over you.  Again.

It did not seem respectful to take pictures of that hallowed place...
I DID take a picture of the "Occulus". Which is an extraordinary structure -- it's mainly the entrance to a subway station and an upscale shopping mall.
Inside the Occulus, you feel like you're in a spaceship.
We took the subway up to our next stop...this train had a "WRAP".  Which was SO INTERESTING...
It wasn't just one car -- it was an entire train!! INSIDE AND advertisement for the television show, The Walking Dead. Gheesh...I wonder how much money that cost??
We went into the Occulus Subway station...and got on the uptown -- where else? GRAND CENTRAL STATION!!
Subway, check: cab rides, check: Statue of Liberty, check: Empire State Building, check...

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