Thursday, May 24, 2018

May Porch Parties

NOTHING pleases me more than being able to GET OUT ON OUR PORCH..!! For me, it marks the new season... SPRING. Time to put the winter coats away, fill the bird feeders, plant some flowers, invite some people over...

This year, I was in Maryland when the weather got nice. Carrie comes to clean every Monday, but, frankly, when I'm not home, the house isn't that messy. So, after all these years, we have established a rhythm.

Spring means time to BRING THE PORCH SOFA CUSHIONS UP FROM THEIR WINTER STORAGE SPOT IN THE BASEMENT.  So it was a delightful surprise, when I came home from that trip -- and THE PORCH HAD BEEN MADE READY...!! 
Good job, Carrie!!
I love everything about this porch
Especially the SOFA..!!
My first porch party was a birthday breakfast for my sister Ronda. I didn't take any pictures -- but I invited Kim, and the three of us enjoyed the 2018 inaugural porch party.
The porch is also where the kids do a lot of their summer Grandma Camp activities.
Gee...they're growing up so fast!
My friend Bert retired in May -- so I invited her and her friend, Orris, over for a breakfast party.
Lilly made cinnamon rolls out of refrigerated dough...
I was showing off my NEW SPOONER...
Lilly LOVES TO BAKE and make things
She was making a dessert for our Mother's Day Party on the porch...
John smoked ribs ALL DAY LONG...
Speaking of Mother's Day -- I HAVE THAT SUCKER ALL FIGURED OUT..!! IT'S ABOUT TIME..!!

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