Friday, May 18, 2018

NYC: DVM: Day Two TOTG...

The perfect way to end this most perfect day would be to have a nice, sit down dinner at, arguably, the most iconic restaurant in New York City.

Yep. Tavern on the Green. We had reservations for 7:00. And this couldn't have worked out better.
We took a cab up to TOTG -- which is nestled just inside the 66th Street entrance to Central Park.
Like so many famous New York City establishments -- TOTG has a handsome young doorman (specifically for these photo ops, I'm pretty sure!)
AND, another common element is the massive arrangement of fresh flowers for the customers to enjoy.  (I LOVE THIS)...
You've got to love a basket of rolls...
With the special, painted china...(I was sooo tempted to steel that little plate!!)
Since the big remodel and re-opening -- the glass walls look out on Central Park.
We had a corner booth.  SO SPECIAL!!
I might have told the Reservations girl that it was Maddie's birthday (oops...)
So, with the free Birthday cake, and the brownie sundae Maddie ordered from the kid's menu -- and the Carrot  that's THREE DESSERTS!!
After we ate, we walked into Central Park.
Then, we walked across the street to put money on our MTA cards...
More exquisite tile work in the subway station...

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