Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Portland Quilt Market: End of Day One

After our wonderful tour of the Japanese Gardens in Washington Park -- Rhonda and I hopped back on the train and headed to downtown Portland. By this time -- WE WERE REALLY, REALLY HUNGRY...

We didn't have a specific destination in mind...but, hey -- Portland seems like a place that would have a lot of nice restaurants, right?
I mean, they have great public transportation, and some very interesting murals...
Yippee!!  THIS place could be good!!
AND IT WAS..!! I loved that there was a decorative crawfish on my plate of delicious, sweet dungeness crab cakes!!
Our first real meal in Portland was AWESOME...and now we must find our way to the NUMBER ONE PLACE I REALLY MUST VISIT.

Once Market starts -- we won't have a minute to spare -- so WE NEED TO GO NOW...TO ARGUABLY, THE MOST FAMOUS PLACE IN PORTLAND, OREGON..!!

YES TO POWELL'S BOOKS. The largest independent bookstore in America...!!
But -- wait. My thrift store radar is picking up on something across the street? Buffalo Exchange? Is that about resale? Consignment?

There's no harm in checking it out -- right?
 Did I already mention the fact that I came to Portland with ONLY A CARRY-ON SUITCASE?? And it was jam-packed tight when I left Iowa. I don't even have room in that bag for a silk scarf...
There were RACKS AND RACKS of clothes...but, hey, I've been packing up bags and bags to take BACK to the Goodwill store.  Remembering that made it easy for me to resist.
And God knows I don't have room for SHOES or a NEW PURSE. IT'S SIMPLY OUT OF THE QUESTION....I HAVE NO SPACE...NO SPACE...!!
AND THEN -- THIS HAPPENED...a Carol Little boiled wool COAT.
Only $18. I'm sunk...
So, carrying the bag with my NEW DESIGNER WINTER COAT...we finally got to Powell's Books...


  1. Powell's is pretty awesome!

  2. I've NEVER been to Powells......but they are my go to whenever I need to find any book. They always seem to have at least one copy!