Friday, February 16, 2018

Soup: Bowls and Spoons

It's just possible I've been a little too focused this winter on the SOUP. But, then again --
For me,a big part of the pleasure of soup comes from having the perfect bowls, the perfect spoons, and a nice cloth napkin.  I love all of that...and WHAT'S THE POINT IN HAVING ALL THAT, IF YOU DON'T USE IT??
My favorite soup bowls are heavy and flat, with a blue sponge background, and a winter log cabin scene.  (microwaveable, of course.)
I was  told there was flatware that matched my soup bowls -- so I am on the lookout!!  But, in the meantime, I found soup bowls, with the same wonderful shape -- but a different picture.  A snowman!!
The shape is identical -- so they stack beautifully...and I love these bowls.  The different scenes make it so much fun...and now I have about 20 of them...
And the spoons, of course, must be in an actual SPOONER..!!  This unusual spooner is  a totem face.
I have a beautiful little collection of  spooners.  This one (a favorite) has a crack in the bottom -- which just makes me love it all the more.
But I have so much flatware, I make spooners out of small vases, or crocks, or giant mugs...anything will do. 

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