Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Sew Expo Memories!!

This week is the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Washington.

Ahhh...those were some of my BEST Good Old Days.

I wanted to blog about Sew Expo, and I spent several very happy hours looking at photos from my Sew Expo days...

When I was doing the marketing for Sew Expo, I called it the BIGGEST SEWING PARTY in America. And it still is -- so HAVE A GREAT TIME, PEOPLE..!!

I will always remember that time in my life as the VERY BEST TIME. It was a life altering job for me. I made wonderful friends. And, Holy Cow, I LEARNED SO MUCH....

Mary Mulari introduced me to Joanne Ross, the Founder of the show. I can tell you exactly where I was standing in my kitchen (remember those 13 ft. telephone cords?) when Joanne called to invite me to be a speaker at The Sewing and Stitchery Expo...

The first year I went to Puyallup, I did my little seminar, "How To Dress With Style When you Feel Like Cher But Look Like Roseanne."   There were at least 1000 women in the room (this is how I tell the story)...and I was scared to death...

Joanne saw something in me -- and included me in some brainstorming sessions, which eventually led to the BEST JOB ANY GIRL EVER HAD...and everything good that has happened to me in my sewing industry professional life came from the people I met and the things I learned at Sew Expo.


Last year was Joanne's last year with the Sew Expo. So -- before this moment passes -- I just wanted to say this. Joanne, YOU CREATED A FIRST-CLASS, PHENOMENAL, WONDERFUL SEWING SHOW. Your show has touched tens of thousands of lives...and I will always be grateful and proud for any little part I played in it...

I've decided these pictures don't need words...


  1. I will never forget the fun you provided at Sew Expo and how it was always one of the very best parts of attending. Wish you were still here!

  2. Rita, I call the Sew Expo the best days of the year!!!! I loved your seminars. I always made sure to attend. I knew I was guaranteed many laughs, several surprises, and I learned something too. I hope you can return some day. Your wit kept me laughing, but I learned to pay attention to what Nancy Zieman and Mary Malary would have in response.

  3. The most creative inspiring four days of the year!

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  5. And then there was the year you took your faux sister, ME, and your real sisters too. What a bunch of lovely memories! Excellent job, Madam! Barb

  6. Just home tonight from 3 days at Expo; still fun, but not the same without you, Rita! I think of you every time I see zebra print: "to tone it down a little"!!

    Such fun to see those pictures again! Charlotte