Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My IKEA mission!!

I LOVE Mary Mulari's new Criss Cross Apron Pattern.

It reminds me of my Grandma Little's favorite apron style.

Mary NAILED IT when she designed this apron. During her recent visit, she showed us a version of her Criss-Cross apron, made out of IKEA fabric...
IKEA fabric is 54" wide, and it's a nice heavy, 100% cotton fabric.
PERFECT for aprons.

Right now, Mary is doing a tour of Minnesota libraries -- presenting her "Vintage Aprons" presentation. 
In this display, Mary has vintage aprons -- AND new Criss-Cross aprons made from IKEA fabrics.
Mary explained that the only way you can buy IKEA fabric is to go to a store IN PERSON. You cannot order it online...and they have a completely self-service system. You have to cut your fabric, and make out a proper ticket, with the right numbers, etc.

Obviously, I could hardly wait to GET TO AN IKEA STORE..!!


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