Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Mary's 2018 Cultural Event

Every year, when Mary comes to visit, I plan one special event. It's fun for me to check out the various theater schedules, museum exhibits, etc.to see what's happening. I try to find some kick-ass cultural event that shows off our sophisticated life here in Iowa...
Years ago, we went to a Musical at the local Music Guild...ahh...for the good old days, when Lilly believed, "A girl can never go wrong with pink."  (she also didn't smile much)...
Then, one year -- there was a wonderful exhibit at the Figge Art Museum...
Last year, my cousin Kim and my sister Deena joined us for dinner theater at Circa 21.
Hey -- last year, the Phantom of the Opera was TERRIFIC....really -- a hard act to follow!!
But, never fear!! My community is LOADED WITH CULTURE OF ALL KINDS.

And I found something really unique this year...as a matter of fact, I'm proud to tell you that Mary has NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT...


Yep, that's right. On Saturday night, Mary and I met my sister Deena at North High School in Davenport, Iowa. We were attending the FINALS of the Show Choir Invitational called "The Big Dance."
There were 16 Show Choirs from all over the Midwest, performing and competing.

The outfits are AMAZING...you really cannot imagine the amount of GLITTER AND SPARKLE...!!
Did I mention that a part of the competition is that they CHANGE OUTFITS??
Holy Cow. I kept thinking we were in the middle of an episode of GLEE..!! THESE KIDS ARE AMAZING...
Mary kept saying, "I don't think we have this in Minnesota."

Deena was also stunned...she had NO IDEA this kind of thing was going on.  Apparently -- it's been around for decades.  Yikes.  Who knew??

A couple of years ago, Lilly and I stumbled into one of these competitions at the Adler Theater in downtown Davenport, Iowa.  But I had no idea there was a season...and shows happening in cities and town all over America...almost every weekend...

As it turns out -- that Davenport competition is AN ANNUAL EVENT!!  And it's coming up....

Sponsored by Davenport Central High School, it's called the Great River Show Choir Invitational Honestly -- if you're within a 100 mile radius of Davenport, Iowa  -- YOU SHOULD ATTEND.

I'll be at the big Finale -- on Saturday night, February 17.  WANNA DO DINNER??


  1. Fun! And while you're at the Choir show, we'll be at Hamilton!

    1. You and Jim will LOVE IT, of course!! I can hardly wait to hear your review...GREEN WITH ENVY...