Monday, February 26, 2018

My Schmetz Valentine

I LOVE MY LIFE..!! I had such a wonderful Valentine's Day this year -- I just HAVE TO SHARE IT..!!
So, this room is decorated with Rat Pack paraphernalia -- that's got to be a great start, eh?
Ross is a BIG FAN of Frank Sinatra -- he would LOVE THIS PLACE!!
I'm in Chicago -- for a special Schmetz event -- and we're having a special dinner at Capri Restaurant
The next day was THE REALLY BIG DAY!! I started off in Rhonda Pierce's office -- admiring the last year's worth of Inspired To Sew magazine!!
I for me!! It is HARD TO BELIEVE -- but we've been doing the Inspired To Sew magazine for FOUR YEARS NOW..!! And it is such a great job for me. I get to meet the most interesting people you can imagine -- the cream of the crop in the sewing world.

In many cases, my friendship came before the magazine interview...Mary Mulari, Nancy Zieman, Eileen Roche, Gail Yellen, Joanne Ross...and, in many other cases, they became friends AFTER the interview. Mark Lipinski, Mary Fons, Angela Wolf, Jenny Doan, Weeks Ringle...well -- you can see it -- right...

I'm just sayin' -- I LOVE MY JOB..!!
And, on this day, there was Valentine Candy!!
A couple of executives from the Schmetz corporate office were in town to learn about what's going on in the home sewing industry.  AND THEY GOT AN EAR FULL!!
Of course -- WHO SET THIS FABULOUS DAY UP??  That's right -- Rhonda Pierce, Editor of Inspired To Sew Magazine!!

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