Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mary's Last Day

John was sick during Mary's entire visit. How sick was he? He was so sick he WENT TO SEE THE DOCTOR on Monday. Turns out, he had very bad cold. He did NOT test positive for the flu..

But he hadn't eaten for days, and because he's an insulin-dependent diabetic, you can imagine how screwed up his sugar was.

Sick husband for two weeks.  Enough said...

Saturday and Sunday had not gone as planned...By Monday, there was a long list of places we-hadn't-been-to-yet. So Mary's last day was gonna be jam-packed...

We started off at some charity thrift stores in Davenport -- then went to John's doctor's office....the good news is he doesn't have the flu -- the bad news is he's still sick.

By then, it was time for LUNCH...

The lobby is spectacular.
They have art everywhere...and it was all decked out for Valentine's Day
Such a beautiful place to relax and sit for a visit.
We ate lunch at VIVA! The Mexican restaurant in the lobby.
I loved the 3D ropes in this large weaving.
Trouble is, I've eaten here twice -- the food was terrific -- but both times, we were the only table in the place.
After lunch, we got back to the serious business of Thrift-Store-Shopping. As it happens -- Monday is VIP day at the Salvation Army. And, this month, VIP's get four pieces of clothing FOR $1. (OF COURSE, I'M A VIP)...Oh, yeah, this is a MAJOR TREASURE HUNT.

By 5:00, Mary and I were IN THE POOL at the YMCA.  We joined in with a class.  Afterwards, we went to eat at the Hy-Vee salad bar.

IT WAS A JAM PACKED DAY...and the question now is whether or not Mary can get her treasure all packed into two suitcases... 

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