Friday, February 2, 2018

Mary Mulari's 2018 Visit: Day One

Mary arrived at the Moline Airport at 4:30 Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately, she had to wait for TWO HOURS before I was able to pick her up.

Of course, waiting in airports is one of Mary's  favorite things to do...and you can imagine I just LOVED not being able to pick up my friend who had COME ALL THIS WAY... (yes, sarcasm).

It was a rocky start.  But -- at the end of the day, I tried to remember the wisdom of the shower curtain -- IT IS WHAT IT IS....

The challenge for me was to get over it as quickly as possible....and enjoy our time.  There was no way I was going to let a crappy beginning ruin Mary's annual visit to Iowa.

After I was finally able to get to the airport, we had a nice relaxing dinner at Miss Mamie's....and I got to live out the FROZEN motto.... let it go...(that would also be a good shower curtain motto)

Mary's first full day in Iowa was TMBC DAY -- and we picked Clinton, Iowa as our day-trip destination.
Breakfast was a new joint -- Bubba and Mamma's Diner.
They have a great menu -- with -- get this -- $4 Senior Omelets!!
A cinnamon roll pancake is INCLUDED...!! (I took mine home for the kiddos)
After breakfast, we spent the rest of the morning visiting some of our favorite thrift-store haunts. There's the fabulous Deja Vous consignment store, and Audrey and Tom's antique mall, and Bargain Bonanza. SO MANY WONDERFUL much treasure!!

I bought some new Eggnog Christmas mugs -- and some soup bowls to match my favorite winter soup bowls.  It's  different scene on the inside -- but the shape is the same.  GREAT IDEA, EH?

Then, it was time to cross the Mississippi River and head to the Illinois side.  One of our favorite restaurants -- Krumpet's -- for lunch.
Mary delivered gifts from our friend Nancy Harp.  SCRUBBIES..!!
And she did a little show-and-tell...
We all got a new Pashmina wrap!!
Best Home Dec idea of the day!!  Wallpaper a room with old road maps...
I seriously love this idea...

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