Monday, February 19, 2018

Chicago Day Trip!!

I AM SUCH A LUCKY GIRL...!! Because of my job with Schmetz (the #1 most recognized brand in the sewing industry) -- I get to do three of my favorite things.

#1: I get to meet the MOST AMAZING PEOPLE in the sewing industry.
#2:  I  get to write about them, and tell their stories in "Inspired To Sew", the digital Schmetz magazine.
#3:  Often, I get to travel to exotic locations

Like -- last week -- C.H.I.C.A.G.O....

Rhonda Pierce, (the editor of Inspired To Sew)  put together a Designer Showcase, and I WAS SO EXCITED...!!

(Added bonus -- I get to spend a night in a beautiful brand new hotel..!).

But wait -- if I get into town early enough, I can GO SHOPPING AT IKEA..!!

For me, this is something I get to do about once every-other-year..!
This was the IKEA store in Bolingbrook, Illinois.
Chicago was recovering from a foot of snow, closed airports, typical winter blizzard conditions...
It was a 3 1/2 hour drive...and I was STARVING.  So I opted for the IKEA veggie balls and a piece of apple pie. My view out to the parking lot -- can you see the mountains of snow?  Good job, IKEA...
This was the inside view from my table.  I swear, IKEA has the BEST STUFF.
If I was starting over, my house would be FULL OF IKEA furniture. I love the look, and the's all so clean and modern. I'd be all about bright pops of color, plastic furniture, and graphic rugs.

But, alas, my house is chock full of perfectly serviceable furniture...upholstered Lazyboy recliners, oak buffets and

And, who are we kidding?  I'll never get rid of the 60" round oak table I found with Kathy Keefer the week before we moved to Pennsylvania... or the "Mediterranean" bedroom set John and I bought when we moved into our first apartment in Virginia...

So, if I'm not going to buy furniture...what does IKEA have that I really, really want...

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  1. Love IKEA!!!! Only a 30 minute drive for me. Swedish meatball lunch! And 1.99 breakfasts! I have seen the IKEA button throw rug in many a sewing room photo. Mom and I make a special trip there and to the Container Store (only 5 minutes from IKEA) and make a day of it.