Thursday, July 14, 2016

The ALL DAY Featherweight Workshop!!

The Henry family came prepared to work -- and THAT'S WHAT WE DID!!
Ruthie, April, Carmon and Christian...all had their jobs to do.
We all ate breakfast together, then Carmon and Dave started to explain how to service our Featherweights. (see the morning light streaming through the front windows?)
Ronda and I were both eager to learn.
The Power Point showed us EXACTLY what our machines should be doing.
If a Featherweight in the room wasn't doing something perfectly, we had three techs eager to fix it...
Mine was perfect. I've named her did Ronda...Apparently, NAMING your Featherweight is kind of a tradition.
Dave's wife, Sharon, was also VERY knowledgeable.  (notice the WHITE Featherweight?)...
With the right screwdriver, the side of the machine is easy to access -- easy to oil...(see those red spots?)
We removed covers, oiled, lubed and cleaned...we did a VERY GOOD JOB.
Dave was a riot. He had such a great sense of humor, and so many stories to share. And there didn't seem to be any problem that could stump him. (again, the cute white Featherweight!)
Can you see that IT'S DARK OUTSIDE??!! No kidding...we basically worked all day long.
And it is SO TRUE what they say -- time flies when you're having fun!! We learned so much, and we felt so good about our Featherweights. I still can't believe we got to spend three days in Hamilton, Missouri.

Sewing in a Featherweight really is a whole new world.  For example, Ronda and I are both used to things like broken belts on vacuum when we realized we could buy the RIGHT BELT, we were both prepared to stock up...

Ronda said (to Dave) -- "should I get a new belt for my machine?"

He took a look and said, "no.  Your belt is fine."

Ronda (debating how many spare belts she's going to buy)..."how long will a belt last?"

Dave:  30 or 40 years...

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