Saturday, July 2, 2016

The ACTUAL Treasure!!

Gheesh...the blog was so messed up yesterday. SORRY...I was mostly trying to take care of two adorable little kids while their Mommy and Daddy got ready for vacation.

I also picked a 5 gallon bucket of basil to make pesto for our whole family in Pennsylvania, and Lilly and I finished painting three suitcases, ironed 35 Hawaiian shirts, cooked homemade chicken tenders, bread pudding etc...and the whole time trying to keep Warren from sticking Legos up his nose...IT WAS EXHAUSTING...

My intention was to write a second post with a more detailed accounting of the TREASURE we found at the Goodwill Outlet in Des Moines.
They had a "special"that day -- all pillows were 9 cents EACH. Yikes. Ronda found two Serta bed pillows, two Angel pillows for her Angel themed room...and six chair pads she'll recover Along with several puzzles, a mesh support seat for her sewing chair...and treasures TOO NUMEROUS TO LIST...
IT WAS NUTS. Here's how you shop at the Goodwill Outlet. You push your cart along, and dig through the buggies of random stuff. You pick up anything and everything that looks like a possibility.

When your cart is completely overloaded, you go to the furniture department and sit down to decide what ACTUALLY will be purchased. (Furniture is priced differently -- but all very cheap.) During my sorting process, I decided against several purses, some shoes and boots for Lilly, and I actually LEFT a 2 yard piece of Thai silk because the colors were wrong. REALLY, RITA?? I am STILL KICKING MYSELF. Honestly -- what would it have cost me? 14 cents?? I AM SO SORRY...

But, best I can remember -- here's what I DID purchase: 12 pairs of shorts for Lilly and Warren. Along with 15 various t-shirts, some for the kids, others for the words...a size 3X cashmere sweater, 2 Springbok puzzles...
A bag full of pool toys -- a water game, balls, and six pair of swimming goggles.
Still in the box Christmas nightlight ($12.99 on the box)
Flamingo Centerpiece (a girl can never have too many of these)
The scarf in front is a size 3X Liz Clairborne poncho, and the blue and pink is a reversible Columbia jacket that will fit Lilly in the fall. You can barely see the black and grey, which is an Under Armour jacket, size 6. (too big for Warren this year -- but IF I CAN FIND IT NEXT YEAR -- it should be perfect!)
A small size baseball glove, and you can see a tie-die shirt, too...
One of my BEST finds of the day -- a beautiful rolling duffle, with black patent leather trim.  The PERFECT weekender size!!
A Kiplinger purse -- WITH A CROSS BODY STRAP and two zippered pockets in the front. Wow!!
An Alphabet game for Warren. So far, he shoes very little interest. (hey, a Grandma can hope!)
Yet another small photo album for Lilly's Grandma Camp projects.
The zig zag totebag itself was one of the can see what I mean about the trunk, eh?
On top of my pile of treasure??  Yes -- it's a QUEEN SIZE FITTED SHEET...zebra...100% cotton...Pottery Barn.  Yes, it is good to be me...!!

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