Friday, July 29, 2016

2016 Grandma Camp

Grandma Camp 2016 has been BUSY. For one thing, Elliott and Emily have bought another house, so the kids have been here even more than usual. And when they're here so frequently, it doesn't feel like "camp" just feels like they live here. And it's about all I can do to pick up the toys, keep up with the laundry and feed them three meals a day...MUCH LESS entertain them. I'm afraid they'll remember this summer as the time Grandma kept falling asleep in her chair.

But, as the summer winds down -- IT IS ALMOST OVER AND I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW FAST IT WENT...I am trying to assess the things we actually DID that will remember well...and I am disappointed in myself...

Probably the most fun project (for Lilly) was the painting of the luggage...
As you well know, I have been painting all my suitcases for years!!
At the beginning of the summer, Lilly and I found two identical black suitcases at a thrift store ($2 each). I told her she could paint hers any way she wanted.
We stuffed the suitcases with towels and blankets so it would hold it's shape...then, the first step is to Mod Podge the area that will be decorated.
THIS is a third suitcase -- which will be used to carry a new set of Bocce Balls to our Pennsylvania cousins...
OF COURSE, Warren will have Thomas Train on his suitcase.
Lilly and I both agree...he is the sweetest little boy in America...
The other day, Lilly went out to the "fairy garden" and came screaming into the house -- THERE ARE ANTS AND WEEDS ALL OVER MY GARDEN. Ugh.

The truth is, the summer has flown by and we did very few of the special things I had planned...and I feel bad about that.

But then, I try to remember that we had fun doing the everyday things...we cooked, and Lilly folded the napkins and set the table. She taught Frankie a few new tricks (he can sit, and dance, and lay down and do a pretty decent Army Crawl).  We went to the library, and watched some movies we both enjoyed.

We are loving this year's America's Got Talent, and I'm pretty sure Lilly would be able to make her own pesto if she had to.

So, fine.  Maybe Grandma Camp isn't about doing something special or out of the ordinary...maybe Grandma Rita Camp is about enjoying the simple things...and doing one good deed every day.  THAT part has gone spectacularly well.  


  1. You know what I remember the most about summers at my Grandma's as a kid
    - swinging on the patio swing
    - ice cream at the Dairy Queen
    - pulling up carrots in the garden, hosing them off and eating them right then
    - biscuits and gravy for breakfast
    - roller skating on the patio and down the sidewalk

  2. I hope Lilly has memories half as good, Laura...