Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Everybody Had a Featherweight Job!

Remember when I said "everybody had a job" at the Singer Featherweight Workshop? I wasn't kidding.

Ruthie and Christian both helped to set up the bins for the students. We each received a bin, full of items we would need to use, (and might possibly want to buy).  Proper screwdrivers, small bottles of oil and special lube, little black feet to replace the ones that are 50 years old and worn thin, a special brush, etc.
But THAT WAS JUST THE BEGINNING.  Christian went around the room to make sure every machine was being properly lubed, and every belt was being properly adjusted.
Ruthie and Christian
Ruthie's job was to teach us how to rejuvenate our carrying cases. The little black Featherweight carrying cases are made of wood -- covered with a black fabric. Because these machines are 50+ years old, and depending on the storage and care they've had -- many of them are in terrible condition. The handle may be broken, and the black fabric is often scuffed or torn away, especially at the corners.
Just doing one case took several hours, but Ruthie picked a lucky student, and started to work on her case.
She begins with some wood glue, to re-glue the black fabric that may be ripped or worn away.
Then, letting it dry between steps, Ruthie did a pretty complicated four or five step procedure to bring the case back to life. We were very lucky in our room to have TWO students get their cases rejuvenated. And she shared the steps with us along the way -- so we all felt confident we could do it ourselves.
Sue (right) was DELIGHTED with her case repair/restoration.  It looked brand new, including the handle.  GREAT JOB, RUTHIE!!

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