Friday, July 1, 2016

We're Stopping Where??

My sister Ronda and I were THRILLED to be attending the three day Singer Featherweight Workshop in Hamilton, Missouri. I can hardly believe we got this lucky!!

And -- hey -- GREAT opportunity for a very rare ROAD TRIP!! (neither one of us can remember ever doing one)
About to start our adventure -- we are pulling out of Ronda's driveway -- and she was in charge of the travel-coffee-cups!!
As you can imagine, I AM THE MASTER when it comes to actually PLANNING a Road Trip. And that was fine with Ronda. Our trip would take about 6 I went to Google to see what was happening in the Des Moines area. (our half-way point).

Ronda really, really had no idea what she was in for.....

Which is H.U.G.E....It actually takes up most of a strip mall.
Yikes.  Inside, there are those loaded up buggies...full of undiscovered treasure!!  Clothes, purses, suitcases, craft supplies...UNBELIEVABLE...appliances, bedding, quilts, pillows, books, shoes, boots, hats, pictures, wall hangings,
Ronda has NEVER been to a Goodwill Outlet.  Obviously....look at her face!!
They push out two or three new buggies every 20 minutes or the merchandise is constantly churning...
At the end of your shopping expedition, they WEIGH your cart.And you pay 89 CENTS a pound!!
My bill was $16.02
AND MY CAR WAS COMPLETELY FULL.....the trunk was so full, we had to fill the back seat TO THE ROOF...

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