Friday, July 8, 2016

Singer Featherweight Workshop, First Night

Neither my sister Ronda nor I have ever attended a sewing/quilting retreat. So, on our first night we really didn't know what to expect. BUT WE WERE SO EXCITED!!
We arrived in time to do a 20 minute spin of the MSQC main store...
This mural is painted on the side wall of the MSQC store.
Directly across the street -- THIS fabulous mural is painted on the side of the MSQC Retreat Center. Which is, of course, OUR DESTINATION...and our home away from home for the next three days!!
The main floor is one big open classroom. (also, a catering kitchen, two restrooms, and two private handicapped suites)
There is a beautiful wide staircase -- leading up to 12 dorm-type sleeping rooms.
 Upstairs, a long center hal with rooms on both sides...
Quilts, of course, hanging on every wall -- in the the sleeping rooms...
This room had three beds. (our room had 5 single beds).
There are six beautiful new bathrooms upstairs...
Each with a walk-in shower
Every attendant got a jam-packed Goody Bag.
April made everybody a sewing mat for their Featherweight.  The pen has a light, and the mug is a one-of-a-kind!!
They catered a BBQ dinner for the first night.
April with Christian (a very impressive repairman in his own right) and Ruthie (wait until you hear about HER job!)
Carmon welcomed everybody to the Retreat -- and took care of the introductions.
Then -- our VERY SPECIAL EVENT....a Jenny Doan Trunk Show!!

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  1. Fun! Fun! Fun! I cannot believe you have never been to a sewing retreat!!!!!!!!!!!!