Thursday, July 7, 2016

Rita's Life Actually IS A Sewing Circle!!

Here's how my life works...

In the fall of 2014, I took a little road trip to Waterloo, Iowa to interview EllenAnne Geisel, the author of The Apron Chronicles.(click on the link to see that issue).
I was writing about her for the Schmetz digital magazine, Inspired To Sew.

My friend, Linda P. went with me.

We were surprised that day to find a room full of women, SEWING ON SINGER FEATHERWEIGHTS!!
Meeting those women got me interested (for the very first time) in owning a Singer Featherweight. About three weeks later -- I FOUND ONE at an estate sale. Then, I became obsessed -- and Rhonda Pierce said we should do a whole issue of Inspired To Sew about Singer Featherweights. WHAT A GREAT IDEA...that led to THIS issue of Inspired To Sew magazine:

Click on the cover to read this issue...

While doing research for the magazine, I met April and Carmon Henry.  A few years ago, they were a young couple living in rural Idaho with their two children. (their daughter Ruthie was on the cover of the magazine.)  Carmon was a mortician, and April was selling Singer sewing machine accessories on ebay.

She started selling Featherweights, and she enlisted Carmon to service the machines. The business took over their life... Eventually, he decided to quit his day job and their whole family does business as: Singer
The Henry family: Ruthie, April, Carmon and Christian.
Ever since I met them during that first interview, I have been a HUGE fan.  They have so much helpful information on their website, anybody who is new to the Singer Featherweight can learn how to clean it, oil, lube, troubleshoot.  Carmon has a tutorial for EVERY PROBLEM you can imagine.

Since that time, my sister Ronda also bought a Singer Featherweight, and so did my cousin Jackie  -- and recently -- Linda P. bought one as well...!!

Then -- guess what??  I saw on their Facebook page that was GOING ON THE ROAD with their popular 3-day workshop.  The closest they would get to my house was Hamilton, Missouri.

Along with 30 of my dearest new friends!!

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