Monday, July 11, 2016


Finally -- I'm going to write about the ACTUAL SINGER FEATHERWEIGHT WORKSHOP!!

It has taken me almost two weeks to get to this point -- because I had so much I wanted to say. And, well -- I try to be respectful of your time. If a post is TOO LONG, you'll soon quit coming here. When I got home, so many people at the workshop were unaware of the colorful Isaac Singer, I wanted to review that history for them.

AND learning about the Missouri Star Quilting Company was a new experience for me -- so I HAD TO SHARE THAT story with you so I could set the stage.

But, finally -- here it is. The REASON we're in Hamilton, Missouri!! Let the Workshop Begin!!
Every woman in the room (over 30 of us) owned at least one featherweight!!
Carmon and Christian had a great presentation about the history of our little Featherweights...
Tuesday morning, after a quick breakfast -- we were told to GET OUT OUR MACHINES!!
My sister Ronda and I are EAGER TO LEARN.
Christian shared the manufacturing history, and, being his Dad's apprentice, he is already an accomplished repairman.  Ruthie had her own job...
In Missouri, the Henry's were joined by Dave McCallum, author of "The Singer Featherweight and I".  Dave is the recognized authority on this little dynamo sewing machine...and a  Master technician
Everybody was working at their own pace.
Some machines needed more help than others...
We learned how to oil our machines, and lube them...
Because our workshop was SO LARGE...having three techs was PERFECT.  Either Carmon, Dave or Christian could fix any kind of problem. 
At the end of the day, every machine in the room was purring like a kitten. What I learned was that the Featherweight is so finely tuned, even a quarter inch of thread caught behind the bobbin case will cause it to NOT SEW. That might sound like bad news -- but the good news is -- WE LEARNED HOW TO FIX even that worst case scenario. On our own.

Knowing how to service your own sewing machine gives you a real sense of power...and these little machines are SO IMPRESSIVE. So simple. It forms such a beautiful stitch...


P.S.  While I was in Missouri at the Featherweight Workshop, Linda P. BOUGHT A FEATHERWEIGHT.  We started down the Featherweight path on the same day -- and she has finally caught up!!

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