Monday, July 18, 2016

Our last day at Missouri Star Quilt Company

Yes, Laura -- IT IS UNBELIEVABLE that this was my first ever Sewing Retreat!! But IT WILL NOT BE MY LAST. (I already had one scheduled for the following week).

Ronda and I both had such a great time -- and we learned so much -- by the time we packed our bags, our heads were spinning!
Time to leave our comfy room -- everything was so well thought out -- we were sad it was over.
I took a final in-the-mirror shot of the two of us.  This was the first time we'd ever done anything like this together.
Although -- there WAS some snoring in the room next
Again -- a JENNY DOAN quilt on every wall!!
As we came down the stairs on our last day, April was already in the big kitchen, organizing our final meal...
We hardly got to know the other women -- I think we needed another week or so!!
Because the belly-dancing demonstrations were just beginning...
I was pulling up to the back of the building, so we could take our turns loading machines, suitcases, etc.
This is the view of the side of the Retreat Center.
And, right across the street -- this is the side of the main Missouri Star Quilting Company store.
It is Wednesday morning, and this is our chance to actually do a little shopping at MSQC. You WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT WE FOUND IN THIS LITTLE TOWN....

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