Friday, July 15, 2016

Accessory Feet

We learned so much at the  Featherweight Workshop!!  From each other, of course -- but, mostly --from the Henry family.

Originally, every Singer Featherweight was sold with a small box of "attachments".  (Those were the good old days -- BEFORE they realized they could sell each and every screw "ala carte".)
Every machine had a ruffler, and a rolled edge foot...there was always a rick-rack foot...and who knows what that black thingy is for...??

April did a little quiz game called, "Name that accessory!"
And nobody was able to stump her!! (That black thingy was a bias tape edge applicator!)
After April explained what the various accessories were for - I could hardly wait to try my ruffler. IT WAS AMAZING. You can add a ruffle on the edge of a piece of fabric -- all in one fell swoop. PERFECTION.

And don't even get me started about the rolled edge foot.  IT DOES A WONDERFUL JOB...making the most perfect little rolled hem you ever saw.

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