Tuesday, July 5, 2016

20 Minutes at MSQC

Blogger and I are CLEARLY having some issues this week.   After so many years of using this platform, suddenly I'm having trouble writing posts and dating them in the future...lol.  and every time I write a new post, blogger wants to make a duplicate.  For some reason.

I apologize for the discombobulated nature of the blog lately.  Sooner or later -- we'll figure it out...


At 4:40 PM, Ronda and I parked right in front of the Missouri Star Quilting Company main store. We didn't realize THEY CLOSE AT 5:00....so we had to make a VERY QUICK tour....of just this single building...Holy Cow....AMAZING...!!

I took about a dozen pictures -- and I'm going to let them tell the story....
Oh, yeah -- THIS IS GONNA BE FUN!!

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  1. So, that's why I kept seeing blogs appear than disappear.