Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mary -- Look What I Found!!

If you get to Hamilton, Missouri, you will find A LOT MORE THAN AN INDEPENDENT QUILT SHOP!!  Missouri Star Quilt Co. has taken over the entire town...and I'M NOT KIDDING!!
I suppose you could call this their main storefront.
But Penney's Quilt Shop also has lots of MSQC general merchandise.
This block has a store of batting, another for Batiks, another for Flowers, another for sewing machines...
Well -- you get the idea.  They have BEAUTIFULLY restored downtown Hamilton.
During our visit, the main sidewalks were all being renovated and redone, with new steps...
The Doan family remodeled several of the buildings into restaurant spaces.  This is the Blue Sage, a fancy restaurant.  Ronda and I had lunch there on Wednesday -- the lobster/artichoke dip with fresh baked baguette was AMAZING!!
EVERY STORE has quilts hanging on the wall...and more quilts...and more quilts...
We walked into one shop -- and saw THIS!!
Mary Mulari's new fabric line -- with the apron pattern as a panel.  Her most popular pattern, the Churchladie's Apron!!
Note the beautifully restored floors -- and EXCELLENT LIGHTING!!
My favorite picture of me and Ronda.
I am using this fabric line to sew my Splendid Sampler blocks -- so I knew right away that this was Mary's fabric.
AND DIDN'T THEY DO A GREAT JOB on this quilt??  (mine won't look this good, Mary).
Many fixtures in the various stores are also vintage or antiques...
There was so much to see!!
A close up of the pattern they used to make Mary's fabric into a stunning quilt.
The displays were fun, too.
And a "replenishment team" comes out twice a day from the main MSQC warehouse to re-stock each store.  I SWEAR, I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!!
Mary's fabric, cut into Charm Packs.

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