Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pat's Maquoketa Road Trip

As soon as I knew the dates when Pat would be here -- I scheduled a TMBC road trip. We are headed to Maquoketa, Iowa...for a really, really special event....
Lin is driving (she has a nice van) -- Sandy is riding shotgun.  Me, Pat and Linda are riding in the back...
Pat got a good dose of the Iowa countryside (a lot of corn fields).
Our first stop (you cannot be surprised).
The biggest bargain of the day -- Lin bought a brand new Vera Bradley bag for $5...!!
There is a place in Maquoketa called the Ohnward Fine Arts Center. It's a theater that was built and paid for by volunteers. None of us had ever been there - so we had a little time before our special event -- this seemed like the right place to go..
The theater is beautiful (but you'll just have to take my word for it)...

I did get this picture of the entrance...
They had some interesting displays
Pat, Lin, Sandy, Rita, Linda, along with the two other stuffy old people
They do a lot of tribute band shows, and this New Year's Eve event looks like fun, eh?
For our ACTUAL EVENT -- we are headed to the 150 year old Decker Hotel.
Oh, yeah....this is gonna be good.  REally, really good...

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