Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lillian's First Road Trip!!

JULY IS ALMOST OVER..!! What happened to all my big plans? Grandma Camp started off with such promise -- I had a long list of places we were going to go this summer...things we were going to do...it seemed like we had all the time in the world.

 I just can't let the summer go by without planning at least ONE ROAD TRIP...

So, I called my young friend Anne, in Cedar Rapids. That's about 90 minutes from here.
Anne and Sarah came to see the Ya Ya show in Beaver Dam in May...so Lilly has already met Sarah

We made a checklist of things we needed to do:
  • Clean the car
  • get money
  • get gas
  • print a map
  • Have Garmin
  • Go shopping (in the basement) for some gifts

We packed up a basket-o-goodies (Sarah has a twin brother, Sam)
We gassed up at our favorite convenience store...
After one hour, we stopped at another Casey's for donuts (coffee for me)...
Sarah and Anne had made a plan for our day. The Girls are ready to go...
Can you guess what they're doing??
It's SKY ZONE -- the indoor trampoline jumping place.  AMAZING...
Anne and I sat upstairs, where we could always see what the girls were doing...they had SUCH A GREAT TIME...
Really -- you've got to love a place with a sense of humor...!!

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