Saturday, July 11, 2015

Northern Lights Music Festival

Just ONE WEEK AGO -- Marion and I were in Aurora, Minnesota, visiting Mary Mulari. It was the 4th of July, and they celebrate that holiday in a VERY BIG WAY in Mary's of the world. Every small town has their own parade -- complete with marching bands and marching men wearing kilts (they are very close to the Canadian border).

Last Saturday afternoon, Mary and I went to the VFW to watch the Accordion band.  Really...TWO GUYS PLAYING ACCORDIONS...and a drummer. People drinks, was AMAZING.

The BIG CONCERT was AT 4:00 at the East Mesaba High School. The school itself is amazing. Like a Taj Mahal. Built in the 20's, it has an indoor swimming pool complex and an acoustically perfect auditorium, WITH A BALCONY. It was built with money from the mining companies. Completely shocking to me. The building complex is huge, and beautifully maintained. And the size of their classes? This year, they graduated 40 seniors...

The Northern Lights Music Festival 4th of July concert was spectacular. It kicked off with the National Anthem, then a 13 year old child prodigy played some original music on an enormous black grand piano and he was simply incredible.

The concert went on to include a full orchestra, and songs from West Side Story, and My Fair Lady. The singers were sooo good. The guy (who will be singing the lead in the NLMF opera) was as good as any singer I've ever heard. His rendition of Maria gave me goosebumps...spectacular...

There will be many posts about my summer road trip with Marion...but I'm writing this because tonight, Mary is at the Gala Opening of their OpERA, The Merry Widow. She made the flags. This is an amazing thing happening in her little town...they should be sooo proud!!
Mary sent this picture from her phone...I AM SO SORRY I'M MISSING IT...
GREAT job on the flags, Mary. Next year, I'm bringing Lillian and we're staying at your house for an entire week. I can hardly wait!!

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