Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt

I am very fortunate to have two sisters who live about a mile from me (in different directions, of course). We see each other often -- but as our families have grown -- the grandkids take up so much time, it doesn't get easier. IT GETS HARDER...
My sister Ronda, on the left -- and Deena on the right.
When the babies started coming, my sister Deena decided she wanted to be the Grandma that carried on the tradition of the Big Sunday Dinner. So, her three children, and their children, all come to her house every Sunday after church to eat a big meal. Then, because she is a glutton for punishment (or -- can't get too much of a good thing -- depending on your viewpoint) -- she decided it would also be a good idea to HAVE THE WHOLE CROWD COME TO HER HOUSE EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT AS WELL...

This summer will be remembered as THE YEAR OF DEENA'S BACKYARD KIDDIE OLYMPICS.
Yes, she often blows up the bouncy barn...and that is an old fashioned merry-go-round you see in the background -- and -- that's right -- EVEN A TRAMPOLINE...
I can't believe I don't have a summer picture of all the kids playing in her backyard. (Kelcy -- do you have one?) You need to get on that!!
These are Deena's people...(that's right -- she has NINE grandchildren!)
On Wednesday night, I take Warren up to Deena's house so he can get some play time with kids his age. And on Sunday afternoon, I take Lilly so she can have her own turn. I mean -- WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE??  The funny thing is I usually have my grandkids one at a time -- but, with nine of them -- that's not an option for Deena!!

We like to get there in time for the DESSERT/Play time portion of the activities...and I like to think I am the Great Aunt who brings the treats!! 
During her Iowa visit, Pat got in on a typical Wednesday night...
On a recent rainy Sunday, Deena put Lilly and I in charge of indoor activities...hummm...what to do, what to do?? I was packing up a bag full of games -- Twister, Pit, Catch-Phrase. Lilly said we should make up a Scavenger Hunt. So here it is. I ran off two copies, Deena selected the team captains (Aunt Honda and Aunt Brenda, because none of the kids can read yet) -- and they were off!!

_____ Something that is RED.
_____ A children’s book.
_____ Something square.
_____ Something that is BLUE.
_____ Something that can move
_____ Something that makes noise.
_____ A crayon.
_____ A tractor.
_____ A piece of paper.
_____ Something that is rectangle.

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