Friday, July 10, 2015

BINGE Television

Okay -- even a DIE HARD television fan like ME can have some problems finding something to watch at this time of year.  Why is that, do you think??

Do the networks believe every family in America is on a three month summer vacation?  REALLY??

Or, do they think because the kids are out of school, we are going to baseball games instead of watching nighttime television?

Obviously, it is a long-standing tradition that summer network television SUCKS.  It's all about re-runs, except for America's Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance.  THANK GOD FOR BRAVO and HGTV...

But, after hours of Bethenny and Ramona (RHoNYC) or Chip and Joanna (Fixer Upper) -- I find myself jonsing for more...

HURRAY LIBRARY!!  I've been binge watching some television series I missed out on the first time around.

One of Ross's favorite shows -- I'm up to Season Three now....and I am SO LOVING THE advertising, the campaigns, and the products.  Remember the launch of Right Guard deodorant?
Talk about your guilty pleasure!!  This is the show for that....action packed, facial recognition software that can identify any criminal in 15 seconds or less.  GO, STEVE McGarrett!!  One of the stars of the show is the Windows table....
This was my pick for Grandma Camp...but we've been so busy, I paid the library fine twice, then had to take it back...unwatched.
My friend Marion had her granddaughters for a week long visit -- and they binge watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  GOOD PICK!!  I love, love, love Alexis Bledel.  I think she's going to be a major star...and she was so young in this series...

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